About Us

The Big Hole Valley

Landsmith Enterprises is a consulting company with a broad range of support services including:

  • Rangeland management planning- grazing systems design, seeding recommendations specific to your land.
  • Invasive noxious weed management- site assessment, planning, and vegetation restoration recommendations and management.
  • Crop Planning- seed variety recommendations suited to your land use styles, field scouting for disease, insect, and weed management planning, prevention & protection.
  • Reclamation plans for burned & overgrazed areas.
  • Soil sampling paired with nutrient, lime & fertilizer recommendations.

Our passion is helping landowners to create sustainable & environmentally responsible, financially viable land management plans.


“I have worked with Michelle for several years now refurbishing pasture land and working up unused land and putting it into production. This was the first time I had attempted this and Michelle was a wealth of information. Furthermore if she did not happen to know the answer to a question she was more than willing to go find the answer for me. I would highly recommend Michelle for any agricultural services you might need.”  ~Tommy Dobberstein

“MIchelle is current and often ahead of the curve on the latest science and studies relating to agriculture production. She is a absolute fertilizer wizard which produces yields that consistently exceed expectations. She is personable as well as knowledgeable and knows her subject matter very well.”  ~Phillip Tummarello