Journey to Landsmith

As a child I was forever in the dirt, a dead stump or playing in the water, planting and digging and My baby pic mama papalooking for interesting things with magnifying glasses and containers.  I was the girl with her pockets full of bugs and spiders and all manner of questionable things.  I would leave things out on the counters to see what types of mold would grow.  I made my mother crazy with the tarantulas that escaped in the house, muddy shoes and gopher traps.  I would feed baby birds with eyedroppers and grow sea monkeys in aquariums.  I have always been fascinated with the mysteries of this beautiful planet we live on.
My first business was “Gopher Getters” I was 8 years old and for .50 cents each I would come trap and kill the gophers that were making holes in your lawn.  I guaranteed results and I got so busy that I had to hire some help, train them and up my rates to $1 per gopher!  I guess it’s really not surprising that over 35 years later I can still help you solve a rodent problem.  I am a problem solver and love challenges, education and research

Me and LambIn Middle, Jr and High school I was involved in 4-H and FFA.  I had every type of project you could come up with from table settings and baking to ornamental design and
animals.  I learned how important it is to educate yourself and to reach goals.  I worked at a nursery while I was in school which I absolutely enjoyed.



wedding dayIn 1992 I got married, I completed a Master Gardener Certification Class from the University of Arizona Extension and found that I also loved to teach others.  I volunteered for many years in my community and learned more than I would have imagined. In December of that year we became parents for the first time.


Lakeland millIn 1996 we learned that we would be parents for a second time and had another son!

In 1997 our little family made the decision to move back to Montana where our children would be the 4th generation to attend the Victor School.  I had a few different jobs over the next few years but nothing called to me like the opportunity to work in agriculture.

When that opportunity arose in 2004 I pursued it headfirst!  I immersed myself in the feed, seed and fertilizer business.  I learned at least one new thing everyday.


thistleIn 2005 I took and passed my Chemical Dealer license test.  I am not a fan of the “glug, glug” method and over the years have made it a personal mission to teach everyone who uses chemicals how to apply them correctly.  If you prefer not to learn how to do this there are many trained professionals
who are happy to do the work for you and I am happy to set this up.  

In the following years I also took and passed my Commercial Applicators Test with an Agriculture Plant Pest endorsement and Right of way, Range & Pasture as well.

I passed the International Certified Crop Advisor Exam and also The Rocky Mountain Boards.  I am proud to be part of a community of professionals with a code of ethics it is easy to uphold.

20140913_131400I spent 12 years at Lakeland Feed & Supply learning and expanding my knowledge in ration formulation, fertilizer manufacturing, seed varieties and uses in reclamation, pasture, lawns etc.  It has been an incredible journey…

In February of 2015 I decided to resign from Lakeland after the spring fertilizer season and strike out on my own.  I am looking forward to spending more time in the field with customers and new friends along with my newly adopted pup.  I am also excited to have more time to volunteer in my community.



main street south

I am on the advisory board for the Victor FFA and I love to chaperone their events.  I am on the Victor Park District board and we have many projects in the works to add value to our community.
Needless to say I think I will be busier now than I ever was!


Clogo-512x512oming up with a name and logo was a special challenge!  I asked for help from my family and friends and after some great conversations with decided on Landsmith Enterprises.  After all a wordsmith works and knows about words, a blacksmith with metals so therefore a landsmith for me.  I found the word exciting to perfectly describe what I do.  Teaching, educating and working with the land in every way possible, from preventing invasive species in the water, to sustainable cropping systems, or making baskets from fallen pine needles, educating about our beautiful world is the focus.  I look forward to helping you on the journey to leave our land healthier than we found it.


Michelle M. Buker

Landsmith Enterprises